Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thing 23

Thank You OCL Web Committee. I enjoyed blogging, and exploring the new(to me) web sites, I never would have done any of these THINGS on my own. That being said my favorite THING was Flickr and I would like to purchase a digital camera as soon as possible. I really can not think of one THING I least liked about the Web 2.0 I had trouble with a few Things but I think it helped me to learn new skills and to take my time, I have spent more of my own time on the computer then I ever have before. I think the library should have a computer class to help and or teach patrons how to use Flikr, how to scan your pics etc. I have to say thanks again, when I think about all the new THINGS I have discovered to do with own my computer. I have shared many of the THINGS I have learned with my friends, sister, daughter,anyone who will listen, I think they can't wait for me to be done with my BLOGGING!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thing 22

I could not download at home NJ listen my fire wall must be
the problem, but I do not listen to books on tape I would rather
read a book.I did look at this site to choose a few books.I did check out two books 101 Ways to transform Your life (Take the Web challenge!!). My book will expire on Jun 7 .

Thing 21
I was happy to find few food podcasts.I will look forward to using odea
again.I would like to find a few blue birds podcasts.I had a lot of trouble with this site the directions were not clear but with the help of a FEW coworkers were able to link this site.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thing 20

I have watched U Tube before, I had a little trouble
with the new code.Thanks to SD .

Thing 18&19

I would use Google at home
and Zoho is free to register so I might
use it to as a spreadsheet to keep count of my
bluebirds .

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thing 17

I enjoyed this site, I added I Love Blue Birds,
it was fun to look at the page to see what everyone

Thing 16 Wiki

I thought Wiki is very useful and easy to use .But I don't
think a very reliable source because teachers do not
want student's to use this site for reports.